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photo: Jim Coleman


Spectacle investigates contemporary consumer culture and its negative impact on our relationship to one another. Inspired by Guy Debord’s writings, this work exemplifies how humans have lost touch with one another  in an over-stimulated world by supplanting their relations between people with commodities.

Premiered on June 14, 2023 at the Seattle International Dance Festival, commissioned as part of the James Ray Residency Program

Run time: 25 minutes

Choreographed by Mary Sigward in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Nathan Cook, Rhea Keller, Deshawn Morton, Kaitlyn Nguyen, and Mary Sigward
Music by Valgeir Sigurðsson and Ben Lukas Boysen


photo: Marcia Davis

sorry Clover

sorry Clover is an interdisciplinary dance work investigating the fragility of memory. It reflects on the painful comfort of nostalgia and our unconditional love for a fleeting moment in time. This work isn’t tied to a particular moment in life. Rather, it’s about the relationship between the event that gave rise to the memory and the act of remembering it, thus allowing viewers to enter into a world of their own to explore their connection to memory. 

sorry Clover premiered at Yaw Theater in Seattle, WA on November 11, 2022. 

Run time: 37 minutes

Mary Sigward: dancer, choreographer, producer, sound design, graphic design, digital and film artist
Sara Torres: lighting designer, technical director
Maia Durfee: costume alterations

photo: Jim Coleman


back-formation is a work-in-progress examining the role of grief in the human experience. At some point in life, every human will experience the overwhelming and confusing emotion called "grief." Movement has the capacity to heal by creating a powerful kinesthetic connection between two beings, even when a single word is not spoken.

Cast and Crew:

Premiered at Base Arts Space in Seattle, WA on February 23, 2020

Run time: 11 minutes

Mary Sigward: Choreographer and Dancer

Jazzy Photo: Videographer

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