sorry Clover

sorry Clover was born from a need to investigate a space I knew intimately: my home. When the pandemic forced us to stay inside our quarters, I became fascinated with the tiny nooks and crannies I once passed by with no acknowledgement. What movement is possible in a 3-square-foot cut out next to the kitchen counter? Or the breezeway between the bedroom and office? As the weeks crept into months crept into a year of quarantining the curiosity transformed into despair. The memory of expansive space and endless movement diminished. Suddenly the coziness of my abode started to close in around me; constricting my body, deterring my mind, and consuming my hope. sorry Clover is my journey through a global crisis of isolation. Paralyzed within my home, my desire to connect with other humans has been overpowered by the fear of contact with the outside world.


This film also explores a different approach to conventional videography. Filmed entirely on a Samsung Galaxy S10, sorry Clover toys with different camera angles, aspect ratios, and recording techniques. Traditional dance performances done on a proscenium stage offer only one vantage point for the viewer. Concurrently, film favors a landscape image in order to fully fill a tv or computer screen. What happens if record a dance for film through Zoom? (a platform we have learned to simultaneously love and hate) When we remove these barriers and begin to experiment with odd angles or an unorthodox aspect ratio, then the possibilities for dance on film. Our perspective as a viewer changes when we witness a novel shift in the norm.

back-formation is an excerpt of a work-in-progress examining the role of grief in the human experience. At some point in life, every human will experience the overwhelming and confusing emotion called "grief." My intention with this work is to utilize my personal experience with grief to help others unpack and acknowledge their own. Dance has the ability to heal through its ability to create a powerful kinesthetic connection between two beings, even when a single word is not spoken.


Cast and Crew:

Mary Sigward: Choreographer and Dancer

Jazzy Photo: Videographer

Premiered at Base Arts Space in Seattle, WA on February 23, 2020